"DIY" Maybe Tomorrow by YOU
"DIY" Maybe Tomorrow by YOU
"DIY" Maybe Tomorrow by YOU

"DIY" Maybe Tomorrow by YOU

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We want to teach and share with you the tools we use to create and design our popular Custom Chucks, the Daisys and Central Parks!

  • With this pack you will be able to learn the basics to heat pressing.
  • Provided are 5 unique heat transfer vinyls that can be used to create personalized custom 1 of 1 garments.
  • Aside from Vinyls we will also provide Heat Resistant Gloves to prevent burns, gloves can resist heat 500 degrees Farenheit for 17-20 seconds.

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+ The liability of MAYBE TOMORROW LLC whether under the theories of breach of warranty or contract, negligence, strict liability or product liability, will only replace heat transfer material.MAYBE TOMORROW LLC will not replace any garments or any material that the heat transfer material was applied i.e. bags, jackets, shirts, shoes, etc.
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CAUTION: Please handle with care, MAYBE TOMORROW LLC is not reliable for any burns, cuts, damage.
Please advise, if you are a minor (under 18) we advise parental guidance during application.